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Friday, March 20, 2015

You Can Hear The Voice Of God by Steve Sampson

How many ways can you hear the voice of God? Here are a few:
The written word and Proceeding Word, His Thoughts, Words Of Knowledge, His Words in Your Spirit,  Holy Spirit Pictures and Visions, Dreams, His Peace, The Inner Witness, In Your Conscience, The Need To Come Boldly and Live With Expectation. I'm sure one or more of these ways apply to you. This is an interesting book. It sheds light on some things that have been puzzling some of us. It is explained and accompanied by scripture, and uses up-to-date metaphors to help explain. It is well written. I like the section on COLORS AND OTHER SYMBOLS, what they mean, like RED represents the power of salvation and the blood of JESUS. There is also a section on FOUR DON'TS, like Don't accept Christ...FOLLOW HIM,
Don't read the Bible...STUDY IT
Don't pray...LISTEN
Don't go to church...BE THE CHURCH. It looks at it from a different prospective. It also has a chapter on PRACTICAL GUIDELINES FOR HEARING FROM GOD. There are so many thought provoking chapters that will make you stop and think and wonder.
Settle down in a comfortable chair and see if YOU CAN HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD. Good reading.
I received a complimentary copy from Chosen Books for my review.

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