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Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Creole Princess by Beth White

 Lyse Lanier, a victim of her birth, mistreated, looked down upon by some, loved by others. Especially mistreated by Madame Dussouy, he was once engaged to her papa. Her cousin, Scarlet works for Madame Dussouy, she is treated the same way. Why so much hatred in one person. Lyse's life is changed when Don Rafael Maria Gonzales de Ripparda enters her life. Who is this merchant of New Orleans who can put a smile on Lyse's face, who seems to be at every turn, seems to know everybody worth knowing, can get her in places she was never allowed to go before, was she beginning to have feelings for this Spaniard? Lyse was from mostly French culture. Her best friend was the English Major's daughter, Daisy. This was happening when the American struggle for independence was raging? Loyalties to family and flag have to be decided. Do you follow your loyalties or your heart? What will become of Lyse and her family, will they enter the war? This is a well-written book, it has joy, sorrow, love, hate, faith, hopelessness, and courage. Come and ride the roller coaster of emotion as as we walk with THE CREOLE PRINCESS. Good Reading.

I received a complimentary copy from Revell Books for this review.

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