Friday, February 13, 2015

Snuggle Time Devotions That End With A Hug by Stephen Elkins

Snuggle Time Devotions That End With A Hug is a fascinating little book for children. It has good illustration great artwork, it has a good front and back cover. It has a presentation page, rhyming Bible stories, devotional thoughts, games/activities that demonstrate Bible story's lesson and HUGS. This is a very fun filled presentation of the Bible for a child. It has the title, scripture for that lesson, key verse, the story, activity for that lesson and a hug. It presents the Bible in such a fun way and easy to understand.
In one of the time takeaways it said:
Blessings come TO us to flow THROUGH us. I like that. There's another one that says:
We LET GO and LET GOD! We trust the One who knows the way.
Children will want to read this book over and over. My 2 year old great granddaughter likes it. I can't wait to read the next share a hug book. Good reading!!

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